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Tips to Remember When Designing Your Bathroom

You have probably been told the bathroom and the kitchen are the two rooms that sell a home. There are more reasons than just that to have a well-designed bathroom. When designing your bathroom there are many factors to keep in mind so that it’s functional. Keep reading for our best tips when designing your bathroom!




Storage is one thing you might not think you need a lot of in your bathroom. This can end up being a huge mistake! You want to ensure you have plenty of room for things like extra toilet paper in each bathroom. You will probably also want your medicine cabinet and even a linen closet in your bathroom. Of course, your regular toiletries need space too. Keep storage in mind when designing your bathroom.




The design of your bathroom should flow with the rest of your home. If you have a rustic feel, try adding brass accents throughout your bathroom. If the rest of your home is more traditional, there are lots of options to choose from. Don’t be afraid to use bright colors, but ensure that it goes with the rest of your house.


Bath Tub


Many people LOVE baths, especially children. If you are one of these people it’s important to incorporate enough room in your bathroom for the tub. If it sounds like a lovely idea, ask yourself how often you will really use it. Since it takes up space, and of course costs additional money, make sure that it is worth it to add.




Although you know you will incorporate a fan into your bathroom, but people overlook what kind of fan. Fans can be very noisy and this can become an issue especially if it is by a room. If the bathroom is far from any rooms, you don’t need to keep this in mind as much.




Just like most rooms, lighting is important. The family may be getting ready in the morning in the bathroom, so it is crucial to have good lighting. Ensure that the look of the lights match the bathroom and the rest of the home. Of course, the most important place of the lights will be around the mirror. It’s also great to put a light in your shower (or even get a skylight).




Is this room for your partner and you? Two sinks is always a great idea. Make sure to leave enough room between the sinks so that you are not knocking into one another. It’s also important to make sure to think of where to place the towel rack. This should be beside the shower so that you do not drip much water on the floor.


These 6 tips will ensure that your bathroom is designed properly and will minimize any regrets you have for months and years to come. We love assisting other in designing bathrooms. If you are ready to hear more useful tips, contact us today!

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