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Tips for Finding the Perfect Land to Build On

If you are planning on building a home, the first step is to find the land where you want to start building. This is one of the most important decisions. Regardless of the home, you build, you want to love the location. Keep reading to find out our tips for finding the perfect land to build on.

Sounds and smell

Some people love the smell of the middle of nowhere, perhaps the smell of a farm, maybe you are one of those people that hate different smells. It’s important to know what kind of person you are. Most areas of town can have a specific smell. Because of this, it’s important to really smell the area that you are considering building in. This means being there during different times of the day. Sometimes a specific smell will only come in the morning. This is the same for sound. If you like complete silence, know that when you are looking at land. If you enjoy the sounds of a city, try building near one. Again, make sure that you go during various times of the day.


If the land you are considering buying is near a hill, find out how likely it is for the land to move. It’s important to find out if the parcel lies within the path so ensure there is no potential landslide. This is especially true if you are near a cliff.


You may think, water goes everywhere, doesn’t it? The answer to this is no. It’s important to know if you are wanting to build somewhere a little more off the grid that you may need to dig a well. It can be costly to ensure you receive electricity and even internet. Consider a generator for backup during power outages. What about a sewer? These are things to ensure you know the answers to before committing on your home building location.

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