How often do you walk into a friends or family members home and think, wow, I would love this home? One of the main reasons people think this is because of the way it is decorated. Interior design can make a small room look larger, it can add a special flare, and it can make a home truly beautiful. Keep reading to find out these clever design tips. You might be able to use them when designing your dream home!

Paint Color

This one is simple. If you have a smaller room, paint it softer and lighter colors. This will help to make a room look larger. The living room tends to have the most amount of stuff and can end up feeling quite cluttered. This is because you probably have the most seating in it for guests when they come over. Try painting the room a light color so that it opens the room and makes it appear larger than it is. You can also add mirrors to the wall as a decoration which will also strategically make the room look larger than it is.

Patterns and Textures

Mix up old and new, expensive and inexpensive. By adding one item that may have cost a pretty penny, make sure to highlight it. You can decorate that item or have things around it that are less expensive. This will still help your room to have a stylish touch. Friends will even think it cost more than it did to decorate. Make sure to add patterns and textures to the room. This gives your home and the room personality. Have fun with it!

Reuse It

Are you moving from another home and already have some things? Maybe you have a storage unit that you haven’t opened in years. These are things that can be incorporated into each room. Sure, it’s nice to get new decorations and items like a couch, but don’t think you need everything to be new. You can slip a cover on your couch, paint a decoration or your coffee table, or you could even buy completely different picture frames for pictures that you already love. These are easy ways to design a home that will keep you within budget.

Use Rugs

Rugs are something that many people don’t realize. They can add colors to a room and make decorations match. They can be as bold as you like, or simply match the tone of the room. If you have hardwood floors, this is a way to give warmth and add texture to a room. You can even switch out the rug according to the seasons of the year.

We hope that you enjoyed our favorite interior design tips. Comment below which one your favorite is!

MasterBilt Homes did an excellent job building our home! They made our dream possible on design, placement of our home on our lot, and a construction loan that worked out well for us. They were very professional in both construction and communication with us throughout the process. They were also very fair and workable if changes were needed. It was a pleasure to be associated with Jim and Andrea throughout the project. MasterBilt offered a home warranty that they followed through on, and everything on our home is in great condition almost two years later! We would highly recommend them to any potential buyer in the future! They will not be disappointed! Masterbilt Homes is a trustworthy builder. Bari and Laurie Higgins

This was our first time buying new construction and MaterBilt Homes made the process easy. We bought one of their finished semi-custom spec homes and we are very happy with our experience. They worked with us to find the right house for us, including exploring building from scratch, and were very responsive with any questions we had. Once we moved in, they exceeded our expectations in how quick they were to address any minor things that needed to be addressed. It is nice to deal with a smaller company where you get to know everyone and get a personalized experience.


Matt and Suzanne

Having built a home before with another builder that proved to be very frustrating, we were very nervous and cautious to build again. However, meeting and getting to know Jim and Dre from Masterbuilt Homes made us feel excited and comfortable to work with them. As the home progressed, they were great. Always responsive to all of our questions and concerns. Now having been in the home for about seven months, I can say that we are very satisfied with it and feel very comfortable recommending Masterbuilt to anyone. Thank you Jim and Dre.

Diana and Noah

Jim, Clark, Andrea and Lizzie are by far the most amazing people ever. The have made us feel like a part of their family through this house building process. Not only have they been patient and understanding, but they truly care about our family and want this to be a great experience and have minimal stress. I don't have enough words of praise for this team. Highly recommend this builder.

Ryan and Michelle

We had a wonderful experience building our first custom home with Jim and the rest of the MasterBilt team!!! Having never built before, we were a little overwhelmed with the whole process, but Jim was super patient and guided us along the way with all our important design decisions. He was flexible, efficient and always strived to keep us on budget but most importantly, made sure we were happy with whatever choices were made. We ended up with a beautiful custom built home that was exactly what we envisioned. We highly recommend MasterBilt Homes to anyone who is in the market for a custom built home!

Our home building experience with Masterbilt homes was outstanding! Jim and Clark are experienced craftsman who created a home exceeding our expectations in beauty, form and function. The Masterbilt team of craftsman were knowledgeable professional and pleasant to work with.   Throughout the entire build process, we felt comfortable knowing we were in the best of hands. It is always a pleasure when you work with professionals resulting in a finished home that exceeds your expectations. Thanks to the Masterbilt team that made it happen!

Marcos and Sharlene Ramirez

We love our home had a wonderful experience building with Masterbilt! Dre and Jim were great to work with, answering all of our questions and helping us walk through the daunting process of building our first home. Dre, especially takes customer care to the next level and wanted to make sure we were 100% satisfied with every aspect of our new home. She went above and beyond in working closely alongside us throughout the whole building process. Not only is she super friendly and amazing at her job, she is also patient, honest and thoughtful. I valued her opinion greatly and found myself frequently asking her for advice on all things house related. When we were trying to stay on budget, Jim was able to offer us simple solutions to make sure that was possible as well. Additionally, they followed up with us multiple times after we had moved in to make sure everything was going smoothly. Overall, I would highly recommend building with Masterbilt Homes.  

Ben and Kari Reddin

The Combs Family

Dear Jim & Clark:

We want to thank you both for all of your support and guidance in the rebuilding of our home. The loss of our home in the Waldo Canyon fire on June 26, 2012, was overwhelming, but with your patience and understanding of our situation we felt we were working with true friends.

We want you to know that we appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm when it came to the construction of our home, but also for your diligence, competence and desire to have your finished product be the best it can possibly be. Your hard work and attention to detail cannot be matched!

In addition, we felt your contractors and subcontractors were able, professional, and exacting in their work. More importantly, they were the nicest group of people. Congratulations for assembling this great collection of talent.

Our home will not be what it was before the fire….it will be a thousand times better thanks to you.

So, from the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you for your understanding and kindness during the rebuild of our home. We love our new home and appreciate all that you have done to make that happen.


Gus & Gaile Combs