Homes that are built with children in mind can save you a lot of time, injuries and headaches later on. There are many obvious tips we could share, however, we are here to show you some great ideas that you will love and can take advantage of too! Keep reading to find out what they are.


Smart Lighting

How many times do you walk through your home and half of the lights have been left on? This can be harmful to the environment and on your wallet. Children are typically the ones that do this. When building a home, use smart lights like Lutron, GE or Belkin. You can use them to program lights that turn on and off automatically during certain times of the day. They can also simply turn off when your home is empty.


Smart Plugs

Using smart plugs can help control your children’s screen time. Smart plugs allow your children to control their devices when they are allowed to use them just by using their voice. You can plug your TV into one, use the voice activation speaker, and all they will have to say is “TV on” and “TV off”. This is a great idea when building a home so that you set a standard of how much screen time they can have and how it will work. By setting up this rule from the start it will allow them to enjoy other features of the home more and even get outside.


Smart Door Locks

Gone are the days that your child forgot their keys and have to wait outside until you are home. A smartphone can get them in and out of your home easily. Smart door locks work when the phone comes near the door. They will also log who came into the home and when. This means that if you are still at work, you can check online to make sure your child got home from practice safety. If you or your child does not own a smartphone, simply use a Kevo. This offers a battery-powered fob that will allow them access too.


Although any of these three smart technologies can be added to your home at any time, they are great to include as you are building your home. They will keep your children safe for years to come.


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