The help of a handyman is inevitable from time to time, but when looking to make huge improvements on your home, is a handyman builder your best option? We have selected four considerations when making the choice between a handyman and a home builder. Keep reading to find out!

Do they have reviews?

A handyman may not have as many reviews and testimonials of wonderful homes they have worked on in the past. In fact, a handyman works on so many homes every year, it’s simply not realistic. On the other hand, a home builder typically will only have a few projects going on at once. You can even drive past a home that they have worked on in the past so that you can get a full sense of their craftsmanship.

Is a handyman a home designer?

A home design company can offer you the opportunity to design your home with them. This will allow you to get exactly what you want with the eye of a designer. When you are working only with a handyman they will not have as much say. They also do not understand the current trends. When you sit down with our team, we can help you chose materials, landscaping and color schemes.

Have you asked the proper questions?

Most home builders have seen it all. From unexpected problems right off the start, a home builder can help you with every step of the process. Your handyman builder might have dealt with some issues in the past, but will probably not have an answer to every question that arises.

Is your handyman licensed and legally operating?

Every state in America requires different credentials. When your builder has their license, this will give you peace of mind. Although it’s not the end of the day if they are not licensed, it will also help them to appear more credible. Contractors must have insurance in order to protect them during their jobs. Many people are unaware of this and can put them at risk. You will feel relieved when your builder has the proper paperwork.


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